We Are now offering laser Engraving with our New Epilog Helix Laser Machine

About Us

Our Equipment

The Turning Dept

For our Turning Centers we are Running 3 Doosan's and one Okuma Heritage.

Doosan Puma CNC Turning Center

We Have 2,  2017 Doosan Pumas. Which are Box Way Turning Centers

We Have 2, 2017 Doosan CNC Turning Centers. which are box way machines for rigidity.

Doosan Lynx CNC Turning Center


2015 Doosan Lynx With An 8" Chuck

Okuma Heritage LS-8

Okuma HeritageCNC Turning Center

Okuma CNC Turning Center

The Milling Dept


Our Epilog Helix Laser Machine


Our Epilog Helix Laser Machine Allows Us To Serve Our Customers Efficiently. It Also Has A 4th Axis for Round parts

Haas VF-2


Our fully Loaded Haas VF-2 was recently upgraded with a new Spindle Motor and gearbox so you can depend on it . 

Haas Minimill


This Cat 40 machine runs 10 tools and has been a very dependable machine. it also has a 4th axis 

2015 HAAS VF-2


All Our Machining Centers are 4th axis capable.

Haas TM-1


This toolroom mill can travel 30" in the X axis